Day 1 – Monday September 23

8:00 am Registration and Welcome (R.M. Metselaar)

8:30 am Introduction to Temporal Bone Dissection (R.M. Metselaar)

9:00 am Hands-on Dissection on 3D-printed Temporal Bone Specimens

12:15 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Presentation 1st Live Surgery Case (L. Veder)

1:15 pm Live Surgery: Cholesteatoma Removal with Mastoid Obliteration (R. J. Pauw – moderator: L. Veder)

4:45 pm Cases, Tips & Trics and Discussion (R.M. Metselaar)

5:15 pm End of Day 1

7:00 pm Course dinner

Day 2 – Tuesday September 24

8:00 am Registration and Welcome

8:30 am Presentation 2nd Live Surgery Case (M. van der Schroeff)

8:45 am Live Surgery (H. van der Toom – moderator: M. van der Schroeff)

12:15 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Mastoid Obliteration Technique: How We Do It (R.J. Pauw)

1:30 pm Hands-on Dissection on Fresh Frozen Human Temporal Bones

5:15 pm Course evaluation and Closing